Transcript of Beaverton Township Certification, 1868

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Transcript of Beaverton Township Certification
“This certifies that on this 26th of December 1868 before me personally appeared Joshua Welch and Adline Welch his wife—the proprietors of the town of Beaverton in Township No. one, South Range No. one West – and known to me to be the persons who laid out the same and had the said Town platted and acknowledge the same to be their act and deed for the purpose of having the same spread upon the Records of said County.  And Adline Welch wife of said Joshua Welch on a private examination made by me separately and apart from her said husband acknowledge that she done the same freely, voluntarily and without fear or compulsion of any one.”

“Given under my hand and official seal hereunto affixed this the above date.  Filed for Record December 28, 2868”
— J.D. Merryman, Co. Clerk
— Wm. E. Smith, Notary Public

Original Township Map

1868 Town Plat.jpg


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