March Presentation: Oregon’s Historical Achievements

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Beaverton Historical Society Event for Tuesday, March 14, 2017 (7pm)

Author Michael McCloskey will share some of Oregon’s historical achievements from his new book, Oregon: A State that Stands Out.

Oregon A State that Stands Out.

****New Location****

Beaverton Lodge (12900 SW 9th Street, Beaverton)

Event is free; donations are welcome
(503) 430-0106

Mr. McCloskey will make a presentation that lists the highlights of the some 500 points about Oregon in his book. This includes fun facts and little-known historical firsts, spanning dozens of fields from politics to nature conservation and the arts. McClosky’s book assesses how the state stacks up by national standards.

Michael McCloskey earned a law degree at the University of Oregon.  After a forty-year career with the Sierra Club, he chaired Portland’s Heritage Tree program for eight years.

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