Excerpts from The Owl: January 3, 1914

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“HOT FIRE” read the headline in January 3, 1914
Early Friday morning, the big cow barn at St. Mary’s Home caught on fire by one of the lanterns being upset on the hay, while the boys were feeding the cows at 5:30am. Before the boys could do anyting, the barn was a mass of flames. Joe Finta, with the aid of the boys, saved 50 cows, 6 horses, 7 calves, 25 goats and “Happy” the shepherd boy, got 88 sheep outside.

Joe had an exciting time getting the old bull, “Jumbo,” loose and had to cut the rope in order to save him. Fifty tons of hay, two tons of beets, and the winter shelter went up in smoke. It was hard work to save some of the other buildings near.

The fire bell in Beaverton was rung, and Hose Company No. 1 made the run, but there is no hydrant on the new water works up there yet. But the boys “got there just the same.”

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