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Presenting A Tribute to Johnny Cash 
October 4, 2014. You won't want to miss this exciting event.

Tickets on sale NOW….ticket prices are $20 (VIP), $17 (regular admission) and $15 for seniors. Call or visit The Venetian Theatre, Hillsboro, OR to purchase tickets (503.693.3953). Tickets are selling quickly, buy early for the best seats. All you Johnny Cash fans will love this event. 

For information and to purchase your ticket see the Venetian Theatre website at: http://www.venetiantheatre.com

For further information regarding Jimmie Ray & Cyndi Cantrell: http://www.johnnycashcountry.com/about.html

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Spring Survey Update

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Spring Survey!We were happy to see that about half of the responders were not from our membership and that means we have a more broader appeal than our immediate supporters. Now the question becomes “how can we turn those who are interested in the society into new members?” But that’s a question for a different survey.

Saturday hours? Yes! That’s our top priority and the survey results overwhelmingly reflect this (with Friday coming in a distant second). If you know of any capable volunteers with a free Saturday afternoon, please give us a call!

As for the comments, we receive so many ranging from the critical (but well intentioned) to the positive (thanks for your support). And for us it’s the critical ones that mean the most because this is how we will learn, grow and succeed.

Thank you to all who have supported us and continue to support us as we tackle this challenge to bring Beaverton history to the present.

Michael Wong


Commemorative Tile Program has Ended

The current Commemorative Tile program has ended. Beaverton Historical Society is deeply appreciative for your support. Funds raised through these tributes help us continue our mission to educate and offer programs and exhibits that preserve local heritage.

Watch for an exciting new way to preserve your memories or honor your loved ones. We expect to have details available by mid-June

Beaverton First Friday information:

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